About turn the page


www.turnthepage.org.uk (the website is currently down for technical maintenance).

turn the page Artists Book Fair and Symposium was due to bring bookish wonder to the heart of Norwich this May. However, as with so many things around the world, the current Covid-19 pandemic led us to cancelling the event.

As we got closer to the moment when we would have been setting up and settling in we all found ourselves getting sadder; missing each other, missing Norwich, and missing our wonderful audience.

With that in mind I have put together this mini online artists’ book exhibit, featuring work from turn the page exhibitors. I hope you enjoy!

The History of the Fair

Norwich, with its rich literary, artistic history presented itself as the ideal location for an event that was to celebrate both, also home to one of the regions most iconic buildings ‘The Forum’, which centres around a stunning, glass atrium and coincidently houses the impressive Millennium Library.

The aim of turn the page Artists’ Book Fair and Symposium is simply to provide an exhibiting and selling platform for the book arts and to raise public awareness of this intriguing art form. With the help of a dedicated team of volunteers, the event is organised and run as a non-profit making organisation.

Creative Director

Rosie Sherwood is an artist and publisher. Her work – showcased in exhibitions and collections – explores narrative, time and mapping. Her company, As Yet Untitled, publishes artists’ books and Elbow Room, an arts and literary journal. In 2015, she successfully crowd-founded to expand As Yet Untitled allowing her to work as mentor and collaborator in the publication of new artists’ books. Graduating from Camberwell College of Art’s Book Arts MA, Sherwood teaches at multiple universities.

Sherwood took over as Creative Director of turn the page in 2017.


Founding Director

The idea of an artists’ book event in Norwich was initially conceived by artist Jules Allen MA who began making artists books as a central part of her practice during a degree course in Printmaking at the prestigious NUA. Having visited book fairs in other parts of the UK, Jules felt there was a demand for a regional book art event in Norfolk. Whilst collaborating on a musical book project with performing artist, musician and friend Marina Florance the idea was discussed and, turn the page was born.

Jules handed over the role of Creative Director of turn the page in 2017.