Laura Moseley- Made by Women Zines

Made by Women creates zines about women from art history, illustrated and designed by contemporary women artists.

@madebywomenzines on Instagram.

Made by Women is a creative platform that is designed to celebrate and promote women in the arts. We make zines about women from art history, that teach you about their life, their work and the art historical context in which they were working. All of the research was completed throughout an art history degree, and is written to a high standard. Additionally, each of the issues are illustrated by contemporary women artists, making each issue a work of art in itself, with beautiful illustrations running throughout. The aim of the zines is to raise awareness of forgotten women from art history and teach you about them in a format that is accessible and affordable. You do not need any previous art historical knowledge to read them and they are just £3 each. Since starting the business in January 2019, I won the Santander Business Competition at the University of York and I am currently working with museums around the country to develop zines for their collections or exhibitions that feature women artists. They are also in the process of being stocked in the Tate bookshops in London.

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