Silje Ree

Silje Ree designs, creates and prints books for Mellom Press, exploring the interplay between words, languages and imagery through the medium of the book. She curated ‘Trånslatiøns’, an online visual poetry exhibition ( featuring twenty poets and artists exploring language and translations. Her two poetry pamphlets Melodilaust tone fall (2019) and E∩N (2018) explore code-switching between English and Norwegian.

Today, empty spaces are at risk of being demolished or abandoned. My Friend the Girl from the Circus (2020) encourages a rethinking of local spaces, evaluating past and current functions and possibilities of the future. The circus, being a place of wonder, play and imagination, was a magical place growing up. Revisiting a multipurpose space near home, through the layering of images and drawings, nowhere becomes somewhere. The piece invites the reader’s personal interpretations of the space and ignites reminiscent memories of their own. As even the greyest bit of land can be an oasis of colour and fun for a child, the book encourages taking measures enhancing and maintaining seemingly empty spaces around us and giving them new life.

‘The Circus’ is a series of work experimenting with different formats. From a collection of unbound images in ‘Circus’ (2020) to a digitally printed book investigating the overlay of text, languages and images in My Friend from the Circus (2020). The ideas and material are further developed in My Friend the Girl from the Circus (2020) through a mixture of copying, drawing, digital, risograph and letterpress printing. The book is then altered and transformed into ‘Min venn jenta frå sirkuset’ to illustrate a potential reconstruction of old memories.  

Photos by Luke Murphy 

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