Sophie Cunningham Dawe

Why not grab that blank notebook (or concertina’d page), a favourite pencil or two, head out for a walk and see what happens? 
Tips: try a ‘blind drawing’ approach where you look at the page as little as possible, aiming more for gestural mark-making than a detailed likeness. Work quickly and intuitively. Focus on looking around you, notice what catches your eye, and note it down in marks. Aim for a series of quick, gestural sketches, each one an abstract web of overlapping lines, that way, you’re bound to be see your unique visual language begin to emerge. Keep an open mind, keep drawing and don’t even look at the results until you get home. Final tip to avoid overworking a sketch: just turn the page and start the next one.

For more of what I do, please see if posting your drawings, please use the hashtag #walkanddrawcommunity 

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